Tuesday, June 21, 2011

After the fourth week of intense game development

Okay, so last week was not so intense, because our only programmer was down with the flu. This week though will be better than ever, after we fix some bugs. We've actually managed to make 4 games with this crew! Let me remind you of them.

game 4
Previous week we went to the sees and found a turtle fishing for some stars.

game 3
Our third game takes you to Aztec country and there seems to be a fight between a dragon and a dwarf. Collect totems.

game 2
Week 2 we added an animation to go with the game. Shoot those monsters!

game 1
Game number 1: Platypus Bounce! Control the platypus and eat those bugs.

What could be up next?

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  1. It's surprising how you can make games in such a short time. Obviously they have some quirks, but one week to come up with an idea, graphics and playable result is amazing. Well done! :D