Platypus Bounce

23rd May - 27th June logo
Click on the image to play the game!

This is a cute game with mushrooms and fluffy stuff in a magic mushroom forest! Our main character is a platypus. He’s hungry and wants to eat flying bugs from the air, he catches them by jumping up and higher. The original idea was that he jumps on the mushrooms, but we didn’t manage to code that so he’s just jumping on the ground.

This was the first game we made so it’s kind of a test run for our project. All in all, we didn’t set up too complicated goals since we knew we had only one coder and she hadn’t touched actionscript3 too much. We learned more about Illustrator and Flash. The sound design side was a bit narrow this time due to our designer's tight schedule, but we are going to improve in the later games.

All games are released under the Creative Commons 3.0 license.

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