30th May - 3rd June


Click on the image to go play the game!

Sounds are still a bit off. Hang in there. The game has sounds now, though, feel free to shoot!

Since we made a cute and fluffy game last week, we decided to bring this project to the other end of the spectrum: splatter.

This game is about an elderly lady who seems to be out of food and decides to go to buy some. As she tries to make her way to the nearest grocery store, she finds out that the journey is not that easy. Granny wants to avoid starving so she heads toward an inviting forest nearby. The forest has some gorgeous mushrooms to offer, why waste such good food. Granny tries to pick the mushrooms but more and more are popping up.. She then eats the mushrooms.. But that will have some consequences!

The basic idea of the game is to shoot as many hallucination animals (including mettwurst) with a pump-action shotgun as possible. You will gain more points by dragging the still appearing angrymushrooms together. For feedback, go to our blog!

All games are released under the Creative Commons 3.0 license.

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