Sunday, August 7, 2011

at Assembly Summer 2011

The summer has been hot and we have been busy with other projects. We added the final 5D3 sounds and fixed the last bugs during July. Nothing much, luckily, though some bugs remain. (I fixed the one where the bugs actually kept on flying in Platypus if you exited the game.) Our games, I think, are very complete and neat little games considering we had a smaller team working on them. Go ahead, try them, if you haven't already! It's amazing what you can do in 25 hours times 4 ppl if you really put your heart into it.

This was mostly the message we had when we told people about our games at Assembly this weekend. Also that we can get study credits from almost anything if we can convince the teachers that it is relevant, and that they will add lots of stuff in the curriculum if we insist we need the lessons. That's one of the best things about TTVO. We could use a few more courses on game design and perhaps more 3D and programming. We were promoting TAMK and Score Club next to Game Tech&Arts Lab and KAJAK Game Development Lab at the annual gathering of computer hobbyists and experts.

TAMK Stand

The screen with our games (and the previous 5D projects) on it was never idle. Everyone loved playing Platypus Bounce and hearing about the projects and our school. We also had time to go and learn about the other sponsors and their projects. Next time we will have so many cool things prepared that everyone will remember TAMK. And for our stand we want live CG-drawing like Pelitalo and Supercell had! We could have stayed there ogling them all the time.


During our breaks we checked out the dark arena where most of the excitement happened. There were some very impressive demos and art in the compos, as well as music. Our very own sound guy Juho Korhonen won third place in the music compo!


I also want to thank the rest of the team we had at Assembly: You were awesome!

Friday, June 24, 2011

The last day of the last game

Hey! We are happy to tell you that we have managed to design 5 games during 5 weeks with the group of 4 people! It has been a tough project but has also included a lot of learning, fun and games. The blog has been updated a bit so that when you click on a game page, you will get an introduction to the game. By clicking the logo of the game you will be directed to the game site where you can test the game.
The music is now working with this solution, which is really good.


We hope you enjoy playing our games! They are really simple because of the fact that we had only one (brave) coder. It doesn't mean the games are bad, though! Simple ideas can be good as well. We will probably be uploading updated versions of the games as soon as we do the updates (like importing music to all of the games.)

Our team wishes you all a nice and warm summer! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

After the fourth week of intense game development

Okay, so last week was not so intense, because our only programmer was down with the flu. This week though will be better than ever, after we fix some bugs. We've actually managed to make 4 games with this crew! Let me remind you of them.

game 4
Previous week we went to the sees and found a turtle fishing for some stars.

game 3
Our third game takes you to Aztec country and there seems to be a fight between a dragon and a dwarf. Collect totems.

game 2
Week 2 we added an animation to go with the game. Shoot those monsters!

game 1
Game number 1: Platypus Bounce! Control the platypus and eat those bugs.

What could be up next?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Third week's game

The third week of our game development summer school is almost over. There seems to be some major difficulties with the code, but let's hope we get something out! We will try to upload other games as soon as possible, but we are a bit late of the schedule. The music and sfx will be added when we find out how to do it properly.

While waiting for this week's game to be published, try out our awesome ShroomsDay from previous week! There's a cool introduction movie to the game, check it out!

Please feel free to comment! We would gladly hear some opinions.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The second week starting.

Yes, we finally made a test version of the first game available on the page, under the link Platypus Bounce. We will make some changes to it during the time and attach the menu screen to it soon so that the game just doesn't randomly start by itself.
But until then you are able to test the game, because it's cute and fluffy!

The next game will be about a granny shooting stuff.. Let's see how that comes out! Stay tuned.

Friday, May 27, 2011

The first week almost gone

Yeah, this starts to look like a game already. The first week has been kind of a test drive for our 5 weeks' project. We have only one coder, so the developing is slowish, but we have managed to create a simple game! It's going to be published in this site under the name Platypus Bounce.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What is this?

A group of students from SCORE Club in TAMK TTVO International Media Programme started the third 5D game project. It's a summer project where we will create 5 games in 5 weeks, about 5 people working 5 hours a day, five days a week. This time we have only 4 people since we are missing one coder. If you'd like to join, contact muumimorko[at], we could have use for another coder!

Now let's make gaemz! ;)